Diverse summer job and internship opportunities in the chemical industry

The chemical industry is one of Finland’s most important industrial sectors. Companies in the sector offer work placement places, internships and summer jobs. New talent is needed, from vocational school graduates to people with university degrees. In the summer of 2021, the member companies of the Finnish Chemical Industry Federation offered summer jobs to about 2,500 people. Are you one of them this summer?

Comprehensive school pupils and upper secondary school pupils

The chemical industry offers diverse summer job opportunities for comprehensive school pupils and upper secondary school pupils. Summer jobs are best found by following job advertisements and by contacting chemical companies directly. You can also carry out work experience training in chemical industry companies. The Finnish Chemical Industry Association is one of the industry partners of the Responsible Summer Job 2022 campaign. The aim of the campaign is to provide young people with better quality summer jobs and summer work experiences.

The chemicalindustry has its own ‘Get to know working life while you earn’ internship programme. This internship programme provides hands-on experience of the chemical industry, activities and jobs in the companies and job opportunities offered by the industry. You can apply for a summer internship directly from the companies in the sector. The internship period lasts either two weeks or ten working days. The internship may take place between 1 June and 31 August 2022.

Vocational school students

The chemical industry offers diverse study and career opportunities for professionals—from the process industry to glass blowing and laboratory work. Apprenticeship and work placement periods are also opportunities for finding employment in the chemical industry. You can learn more about apprenticeship and work placement periods from your own educational institution or by contacting the company directly.

At the chemical industry's summer job counter, you can find summer jobs in the industry—we also need vocational experts in the summer.

Students in higher education

The chemical industry offers diverse and inspiring summer job and internship opportunities for university students. Work experience gained during the studies is a valuable part of the career path. Through summer work, you can find yourself already working during your studies. For example, it is also possible to carry out your thesis work in a company in our field.

You can find summer jobs, internships and thesis work opportunities in the chemical industry by contacting the companies that interest you directly. The chemical industry's summer job counter compiles jobs available in the companies operating in the field on one page - check it out here! Your university can also help you find a summer job or internship.