Name: Tomi Tuomisto
Job title/position and company's name: Team Lead, FinVector Oy
Studies: Laboratory Technician, Winnova, Pori.


What was your dream job as a child? What led you to your school of choice?

I used to dream of becoming firefighter, but during middle school I stated being interested in sciences and especially in chemistry. Unlike most of my classmates who went to High school, I chose to go for Technical school in curriculum specializing in laboratory work.

What does your company do/manufacture? What kind of innovations is your company working on?

The main product we are working on is gene-therapy cure for bladder cancer. We also have done contract manufacturing to other companies, most recently with Finnish Corona Vaccine project.

What are you most excited about at your job?

When I can skip the paper work I'm expected to do as Team lead and instead get my hands on some hands on work in clean room. If that is not possible I take enjoyment out from my team performing well and them feeling good about the work.

Tomi´s career on a timeline

Back in middle school I had two main interests, History and Chemistry and latter ended up becoming the career.
My first career related summer job was continuation of workplace experience part of school in Nickle processing plant, the very first summer job I had was shoveling dirt and making garden beds.
After graduation I worked short contracts with various companies mostly in paper and metal industries and once in environmental laboratory. Also few years as a security guard before arriving at FinVector.
I have been here over 4 years now and last 1.5 years of it as Team Lead.