Julia Tofferi, Chemical Engineering, Aalto University


What do you study and where? How did you end up studying this field?

I am a third-year student at Aalto University, majoring in chemistry and minoring in information technology.

What is it about your studies that excites you?

In my studies, I am inspired by many different things! The field itself, having a say on my own studies, friendships created during the studies, and motivated teachers.

If the sky was the limit, where would you like to work in the future?

I would definitely like to work somewhere where I can combine my knowledge of chemistry and information technology! At the moment, I am most interested in process simulation and automation.

Which global or everyday challenge would you like to solve with the help of chemistry/your work?

I would like to see a solution to how the side streams generated by industry can be used to make the circular economy a reality.

What do you think is an interesting innovation in the field of chemistry?

The use of hydrogen as an energy source for the steel industry, instead of coal and coke, because the global steel industry currently produces 7–9% of the world's CO2 emissions. Such solutions are already being piloted in Sweden!