Leo Hannolainen, Biochemistry, University of Turku


What do you study and where? How did you end up studying this field?

My name is Leo and I am currently studying biochemistry at the University of Turku.

What is it about your studies that excites you?

The most inspiring part of my studies has certainly been learning more about the various processes and reactions of cells at both the tissue and molecular level. Biochemistry studies the functioning of organisms, e.g. how environmental factors affect the expression and transcription of genes.

If the sky was the limit, where would you like to work in the future?

I hope I can stay at university after graduation as a PhD student and pursue a research career. However, my greatest desire is to be part of the university's teaching staff and thereby advance on the academic path.

Which global or everyday challenge would you like to solve with the help of chemistry/your work?

Chemical sciences have enormous potential to solve many of today's and tomorrow's problems. My own interest is directed more towards human health, where I am particularly interested in disease mechanisms, such as the development and treatment of Alzheimer's disease.

What do you think is an interesting innovation in the chemical (industry) sector?

The field of chemistry has been constantly evolving and moving forward. One of the most interesting innovations in chemistry have been the different imaging methods and substances used in them, for example PET imaging, which makes use of short-lived radioisotopes, making it possible to obtain accurate diagnostic data on the activity of different human tissues.