Sara Akural, Chemical Engineering, Aalto University


What do you study and where? How did you end up studying this field?

Hi, I'm Sara and this is my second year of studying chemical engineering. I started my studies at the University of Aberdeen in the UK last year, but because of coronavirus pandemic, I started my studies at Aalto University last autumn.

What is it about your studies that excites you?

With regard to the studies, I am excited about laboratory work, coding and the freedom to choose inspiring courses from different places. Perhaps the best thing is that you are constantly gaining new skills and knowledge that can be put to good use in solving the problems of the world.

If the sky was the limit, where would you like to work in the future?

It would be insanely cool to work on an innovation project funded by Bill Gates and come up with some world-class environmental solutions.

Which global or everyday challenge would you like to solve with the help of chemistry/your work?

I would like to solve the global waste problem through chemistry by finding better technologies to get new benefits out of the waste we produce.

What do you think is an interesting innovation in the field of chemistry?

A good example of innovative waste treatment and recovery is the urine powered toilet developed a few years ago, where human waste is used to generate energy and useful material.